Marketing Strategy: Digital and Social Marketing

11.2 Digital Food Photography
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M0 Baking Fundamentals
3 mins
M1 Ingredients: Basics for Breads, Pastries and Cakes
25 mins
M2 Equipment: Breads, Pastries, Cakes
13 mins
M3 Food Hygiene and Safety: Food Preparation and Storage
13 mins
M4 Packaging: Function and Purpose
4 mins
M5 Menu Planning
9 mins
M6 Product Planning: Healthy Alternatives
4 mins
M7 Business Plan: Scalability and Expansion
23 mins
M8 Business Plan: Entrepreneurship
17 mins
M9 Finance and Pricing
20 mins
M10 Legal: 4 Things To Do Before Opening For Business
6 mins
M11 Marketing Strategy: Digital and Social Marketing
15 mins

About this module

You’ve made it to the final stretch of our learning module! Marketing is a key way of getting your brand out to consumers, especially in today’s digitally-driven landscape. This module touches on the important channels you should focus on, and the many strategies and techniques you can employ to promote your delicious bakes.


Next, you would need awesome pictures to complete your presence online as a picture paints a thousand words. Pictures also evoke emotions and you would want to window dress your store accordingly. Raymond Ooi, a professional photographer shares with us valuable tips on taking beautiful food pictures through just using your smartphone. Here are some of the valuable tips!

When shooting a group of subjects, odd numbers can create a visually interesting composition as it creates a sense of harmony and balance. When applying this rule to one main subject in the frame with the other supporting subjects, attention would be drawn to the main subject.

Another technique is called the ‘golden triangles’. One mentally divides the frame into 4 triangle shapes in order to lead the viewer’s attention to various details on the photo by creating a sense of flow and movement.

There are 12 colours in the colour wheel, distributed by cool and warm shades. Colours can evoke emotions, convey vibrancy and energy. Simply create colour contrast in your food photos by using colours that are on opposite sides of the colour wheel.

Decide within the frame the focal point or main subject of the picture and apply the Rule of Thirds on it. Divide the frame into three rectangulars vertically and horizontally. You can now maneuver your frame to place your main subjects within.

Lighting is key to creating mouth-watering food photos. Whenever possible try to use natural lighting over artificial lighting as it helps brighten up the images. The soft and diffused nature of daylight also makes it perfect to illuminate food items. You can also use video editing apps such as Adobe Lightroom to take advantage of the filters that could enhance your pictures and videos.

Neutral background plays an important part in food photos. Avoid backgrounds with too many patterns or colours in order to draw the viewer’s attention on the food, which is the main subject. If you have tall items, tilt the camera to a “Straight-on” Angle. It emphasizes the height and you are able to capture this while leading the viewer’s attention to various details of the table.

Movement in food photography such as pouring, stirring, scooping or chopping can create an area of emphasis, leading viewers’ eyes to the main food subject. Adjusting the shutter speed can create different effects, such as faster shutter speed to freeze an action, or slower shutter speeds, to create a blurred movement. These days, you can also engage your audiences with short clips through Insta Reels to capture their attention.

Food photography is a great skill to have for a home baker, so do practise these tips on your upcoming shoots. We’ll also be sharing a checklist of necessary tools and gadgets that you can download at this module.

Now remember, your digital marketing journey is not a one off activity and you should constantly research and see how others have marketed their products and build these learnings into your business. What may work for a business, may not work for another, and everyone possess different skill sets. Hence, the importance of tailoring your own best practices.

Furthermore, social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, even Tik Tok and more are constantly making changes to their platforms and knowing these updates would help you to use these social platforms more effectively. Popular social channels today may evolve and new ones may be grown so do keep a lookout on what is trending. After you have established your online personality, it is time to make sure you’re discovered!

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