Marketing Strategy: Digital and Social Marketing

11.1 A Crash Course in Marketing to Digital Natives
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M0 Baking Fundamentals
3 mins
M1 Ingredients: Basics for Breads, Pastries and Cakes
25 mins
M2 Equipment: Breads, Pastries, Cakes
13 mins
M3 Food Hygiene and Safety: Food Preparation and Storage
13 mins
M4 Packaging: Function and Purpose
4 mins
M5 Menu Planning
9 mins
M6 Product Planning: Healthy Alternatives
4 mins
M7 Business Plan: Scalability and Expansion
23 mins
M8 Business Plan: Entrepreneurship
17 mins
M9 Finance and Pricing
20 mins
M10 Legal: 4 Things To Do Before Opening For Business
6 mins
M11 Marketing Strategy: Digital and Social Marketing
15 mins

About this module

You’ve made it to the final stretch of our learning module! Marketing is a key way of getting your brand out to consumers, especially in today’s digitally-driven landscape. This module touches on the important channels you should focus on, and the many strategies and techniques you can employ to promote your delicious bakes.


Traditionally, marketing is described as the art and science of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market. From a food service business perspective, this means producing sweet or savoury food that would satisfy your customers.

There are four main areas, where Marketing is practised, namely the Product (what and how your baked good looks like), Price (the amount that you’re charging for the baked good), Place (the avenue where your baked goods are made available) and Promotion (offers or discounts for your baked goods).

Previously, if you wanted to get some baked goods or snacks, you would visit your local bakery nearby, defining the ‘Place’ where goods are sold. In recent years, online buying and selling have become a way of life and you can even order baked goods from your mobile phones from home bakers near you, emphasizing the importance of Digital Marketing for your business.

Facebook helped us a lot because during Covid-19, my B2B was all gone, so now we are 80% B2C. That’s how we sustain. We found that we can build our own customer database. Previously, I was just a chef, I want to bake. I didn’t want to deal with customers and so on. We did deal with customers but it was very minimal. Now we are like a fully full fledged ecommerce business. Yea, it actually saved my business.

With these new opportunities, it is important to give some thought to which digital storefront works best for you and the resources that you would need to maintain it.

Although websites were the conventional way to go, they require effort and time to maintain. With digital natives and increasingly social savvy customers, you may want to consider leveraging on a social media business account (for example, Facebook or Instagram account) when starting out, which acts as an adequate window display for your baked goods.

With so many social accounts these days promoting baked goods, you need to stand out from the competition to appeal to your customers. Let’s talk about 6 tips that would make your brand more appealing.

First, create a business name and logo. Choose a name or ‘handle’ that best describes what you offer. Some may prefer to promote their personal name as a brand, whilst some consider a generic name as a brand. Let’s see what our bakers say.

We actually planned a few names before we got into Rotee.KL. One of our sisters, ask why don’t we just put Rotee.KL so at least people would know that we sell roti and based in KL. So instead of ROTI, we went with ROTEE to be different.

I wanted something with my name in it. I want people to remember when they want to order cake, they can order from Aliaandhercakes.

I believe a cake always tells a story. So, “Tell lah” in Malaysian; “cake tell a story la”. Then, in another way also, it’s from Nutella. It’s very easy name to remember. Somehow 3 syllabus always sounds good, like BurgerLab, PizzaLab, Pizza Hut, McDonalds. So why not Caketella?

Next, consider the social channels where you are available and the number of followers you have on it. If appearing on multiple channels, try to find tools to help you manage multiple postings. For example, Facebook and Instagram are easily managed through Facebook Business or Creator accounts. If you have a website, linkt.ree helps you share multiple links as well. Choose the channels that are easiest for you to handle as you juggle marketing and operations, which would take up most of your time too.

Set realistic goals for your business account. If you would like to reach a number of followers within a certain timeline, plot it in your calendar and create campaigns that would hit these goals.

Campaigns are great ways to find new businesses and give your regular customers a reason to buy. Decide on a few festive seasons and create special menus for these. On non festive seasons, take the time to show your custom craft bakes or create giveaways to create engagement amongst your followers.

On non-festive seasons, take the time to show your custom craft bakes, or create giveaways to create engagment amongst your followers.

When on social media, colours play an important role in standing out. Take a look at the colour palette and font types used in your account.

What about filters used? Are there similar or changes each time? Brand trust can be built by showing users consistency – as this translates to the baked goods that you produce too.

When engaging with people on your social media, what is the tone of voice or illustrations used in your social public communications? Be genuine, authentic and test out how followers respond to your posts. Everyone loves to know their local baker!

There is no one rule that fits all in contemporary social communications so feel free to experiment. Explore these different aspects as you continue to build a brand, your personal brand.

With these tips, take stock and reflect on how you are coming across now in your current digital environments. From the checklist listed earlier, assess where you could make improvements and create a plan to make these changes.

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